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About Us
Cleaning People has been providing exceptional cleaning services throughout Summit County since 2006. Over the years sweat equity has earned us a high recommendation from clients and voted us Best Cleaning Business of Summit 2011. Not only do we provide a stellar cleaning service, but we go above and beyond adding personal touches. We are large enough to provide the best cleaning service, yet small enough to get to know you and your personal needs. Our headquarters is located in Breckenridge, CO and we are focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. AMERICAN owned and operated, licensed and fully insured guarantees you top notch quality.
Our professional services will far exceed your expectations.
Professional Cleaning Crews

Our Cleaners

Using efficient cleaning methods ensures the very best service. Standards are set high and remain high. All work is subjected to quality control inspections to ensure the highest level of quality. If there are damages or things just don’t seem quite right, it is reported immediately so that you can maintain the integrity of your property. Our professional cleaners go above and beyond with attention to detail. Yes, dishes are organized and pillows are upright! The majority of us have extensive hospitality experience too. We all clean every surface in an effective way that produces top notch sparkle and shine time after time.
Oreck Vacuums and attachments
Our Cleaning Equipment and Supplies

Oreck vacuums, micro fiber mops & cloths and lots of elbow grease where necessary. Organic disinfectants like Mrs Meyers, Method and good ole vinegar and water are staples in our cleaning buckets! We haven’t gone organic as a marketing ploy. We’ve done it because it’s healthier for us all in the long run! There are no petroleum distillates, bleach, phosphates or ingredients that could cause harsh fumes. In addition, products have a near neutral pH that makes them safe for skin contact. We still use Windex for glass and mirrors; the organic stuff just doesn’t clean like we want it to yet. Other products are top of the line, but we can’t give away all of our secrets just yet…

About the Owner

Hi! I'm Jennifer O’Dell. I started The Cleaning Lady of Summit in 2006 after stepping away from an Executive Job. It may be yet another story of ‘I loved Summit County and had to find a way to stay…’ but I loved Summit County and had to find a way to stay! I picked up a commercial cleaning account from a former employer and a few folks were moving out of town too busy to clean; there was my start. I attended Women of the Summit and dispersed business cards where I picked up some clientele. I then participated in a local job fair in Keystone acquiring a few more clients and secured advertisement in Dex Yellow Pages. Come to find out, I’m more than good at cleaning. I excel in it! Since 2006 the business has grown from ‘The Cleaning Lady of Summit,’ into a team of professional cleaners known as ‘Cleaning People of Summit.’I am so grateful to all of our clients and professional team of cleaners. Thank you!
Clean checklists and inspections to ensure quality service

Clean Checklists

Our cleaners and inspectors utilize job descriptions and final clean checklists based on client requests.

Final Inspections

Properties are inspected shortly after cleaning to ensure quality service. A clean completion text or email is sent to you so that you know it has been cleaned and is ready for next arrivals and to notify you of any necessary info. (IE: photos of any mishaps or damages if needed & status of supplies).
Make money with our services

The Bottom Line

Most importantly, what's this going to cost you? We can typically provide an estimate of cost for properties given number and size of bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchen complexity. We prefer to visit the property in order to best meet your needs. Competitively priced, licensed and insured, we will do everything possible to negotiate a fair price to meet your needs and help you to make a sizable return on investment. Let’s talk…   Call now 970.389.8520